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IT Services



Whether your company has a small IT infrastructure or something a little more complex, today it is more important than ever to be able to better manage, organise and protect your data.


I will find the most suitable solution for you with just a few simple questions:


  • Advice – by analysing the IT infrastructure of your company;


  • Completely remote configuration of your system;


  • Remote monitoring of installed equipment, assistance and resolution of any type of error reported by the NAS, 365 days a year;




Here is an example of some management logs I receive daily from Buffalo TeraStation devices that I have installed in small and medium-sized businesses:

The first log shows the system functioning normally. I receive notifications from the storage about its correct operation every night as it is configured to run routine monitoring, which means I can act proactively should any errors be detected.

Drive 1 [Normal]: No errors occurred.
Drive 2 [Normal]: No errors occurred.

Running Time: 366 days

4184064 kB (usage: 45%)

In the second log, the NAS reports a disk malfunction.


In this case, I can carry out appropriate system maintenance proactively and remotely by analysing the type of error reported and deploying support technicians to guarantee the shortest interruption of service possible:

Drive 1 [Notice]: Bad sectors have been detected.
Drive 2 [Normal]: No errors occurred.

Here are some photos of TeraStation installed by me and remotely monitored

remember to use the 3-2-1 rule for your backups

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