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In today’s world, having to call out specialist technicians can be extremely time-consuming as it requires making the call, waiting for them to arrive and the subsequent on-site analysis of the problem.


This means that your company could be inactive for a long period of time, with potentially significant financial losses.

Remote assistance, if well implemented, eliminates the problem at its core by providing a practically instant response to your request for support.

I have been applying "Smart Working" and "Remote Support" for many years now to provide assistance to companies, and thanks to the experience I have accrued around the world, I am able to support various infrastructures at any time from my office both in Italian and in English.

I have a state-of-the-art computer lab where I can simulate various scenarios, including critical scenarios in some cases, reflecting a whole range of IT problems that can plague a company.


This allows me to analyse the problem in a pre-production environment in order to identify and resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.

Upon completion of the troubleshooting, the client is provided with an incident report detailing the cause of the problem and what was done to fix it.

For new installations, documentation will be provided that explains in detail the configuration adopted and the analysis carried out.



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